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Yacht charter in Langkawi

Located in Malaysia, Langkawi is a natural paradise in southeast Asia with a geological history dating back over 500 million years. It is both an archipelago made up of more than 90 islands and islets and the name also refers to the main island. The unique architecture of Langkawi makes it perfect for a yacht charter, as the distance between the moorings is small, so you can easily make your way from island to island.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Langkawi?

There are many factors that influence the price of your boat rental in Langkawi such as the type of boat, the size of the vessel, the time of year, and if you rent with or without a skipper.

In general, a catamaran fit for 8 people costs around €6,200 per week during low season and €6,800 per week during peak season. A houseboat for 20 people will cost around €7,700 per week throughout the year.

What is the best time of year to visit Langkawi?

Just like the rest of Malaysia, Langkawi has a tropical climate. This means that there are minimal variations in temperature, with a range of around 23 degrees Celsius at night to 34 degrees during the day around the year. However, it is divided into wet and dry seasons. If you want to avoid the wet and humid season, you should go to Langkawi from December to March.

Explore Langkawi

Langkawi’s tropical climate and naturally diverse landscape create the ideal environment for a yacht charter holiday. There are so many activities, both on and off land that can be enjoyed by families and friends alike, regardless of age.

On the main island, you can start by heading to Oriental Village near Pantai Kok. You can discover the marvelous open-air village, making your way from stand to stand, browsing the intricate clothes and souvenirs for sale. When you start to feel peckish, you can also enjoy delicious traditional Malaysian food at one of the several authentic restaurants and kiosks.

Not too far from the village, you can also visit the astounding Seven Wells Waterfalls. Known locally as Telega Tujuh, the seven waterfalls feed into seven glorious freshwater pools. Legend has it that these pools have healing energy! Whether you believe in this or not, taking a dip in one or more of these pools is a great way to cool off. If you do visit, we recommend you keep a close eye on your belongings, as the mischievous monkies like to sneak up on tourists and take their things!

From the Oriental Village, you can take the SkyCab cable car to the top of the 850-metre-tall Mount Machincang. This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Geoparks, and is a must-see on your holiday! From here, you will be able to witness the incredible panoramic views of the island including its luscious forests and crystalline coastline. This mountain was formed about 550 million years ago, making it southeast Asia’s oldest rock formation.

The Kilim Geoforest Park is also a great place to explore Langkawi. The park is centred around the Kilim River, so it is best explored by boat. If you explore the entirety of this park, you will come to realise the extraordinary level of diversity it holds. For example, you will enter the park to see a muddy jungle filled with giant mangroves and rare Cycad trees and finish your tour to stunning beaches and towering limestone islands. Once inside, you can head to Gua Kelawar or the “bat cave.” This is a unique experience as the cave is home to around 3,000 harmless bats. If you want to visit a cave that reveals an interesting piece of cultural history, you can head to Gua Cerita or “The Cave of Legends.” As the name suggests, there are many legends of the island told in this cave. The most famous example is about Chinese princess being held captive by a Phoenix in this cave. If you look inside, you can even see a rock formation that is said to represent her sleeping.

Should you charter a yacht with or without a skipper?

When searching for boats on the website, you will find the option to charter with or without a skipper and/or crew. While this may come at an additional price, they can add many benefits to your holiday. Firstly, having a professional skipper onboard with you means that you do not need the qualifications needed to manage it. In turn, this also means that you can relax while the skipper handles all of the technical aspects such as sailing, docking, and anchoring the boat. Moreover, a skipper will know the surrounding area well, so they can take you to secret spots and also avoid potentially dangerous areas. Finally, for the total luxurious experience, your skipper and/or crew can cook for you on your journey, making sure you are well taken care of.

Where can you travel nearby Langkawi?

If you prefer to visit beaches and explore the waters, we recommend you use your boat rental to go island hopping around the rich archipelago of the Andaman Sea. Out of the 98 smaller islands, some of the more popular ones include Pulau Tepor, Rebak, and Gabang Darat. However, it is also great to know that many of the surrounding islands are inhabited, making them perfect for the moments you want to feel like you have your own slice of a private island. You should keep an eye out for the unique marine life that circulates the sea. For example, you can find porpoises, many species of dolphins, and even whales!

If you have the time for an extended yacht charter around Langkawi, consider extending your journey to places outside of Malaysia! If you travel 28 miles, you will find the Thai archipelago of Butang. These islands are mainly uninhabited but are highly preserved and home to many exotic wild animals. You will also see vibrant coral reefs within the clear water, making it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take your yacht to Phuket! It will be an unforgettable 120-mile excursion where you can discover exceptional islands such as Phang Na Bay and the Phi Phi Islands.

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