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Motorboat Arcoa 630 250hp (2020)

From €305 per day

6 · METZ

Motorboat Ruban Bleu Sensas 6hp (2019)

From €225 per day


Rent by the hour: 80€ (2019)

From €80 per day


RIB Bwa Bwa 5.5 40hp (2019)

From €120 per day


Motorboat Acquaviva 5.05 open 50hp (1996)

From €240 per day


Motorboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 545wa 90hp (2004)

From €200 per day


Motorboat Quicksilver 500 Commander 6hp (2009)

From €190 per day


Motorboat B2 MARINE CAP-FERRET 452 OPEN SAN PERMIS 6hp (2015)

From €270 per day

5 · METZ

Motorboat Ruban Bleu 5hp (2010)

From €156 per day


Sharko (2020)

From €85 per day

 32 · Super owner

Motorboat ADMIRAL OCEAN MASTER 470WA 15hp (2019)

From €170 per day

 34 · Super owner

Bayliner Element 5 80HP (2019)

From €140 per day

 32 · Super owner

IONION 5 (2014)

From €60 per day

 24 · Super owner

Motorboat Starcraft Sun Chaser 15hp (2015)

From €139 per day


Motorboat AQUABAT SPORT LINE 19 40hp (2018)

From €180 per day

5 · METZ

Motorboat Ruban Bleu Ace 6hp (2010)

From €171 per day

Discount offer

Motorboat Baltic Yachts Remus 450 15hp (2019)

From €130 per day


Castellammare del Golfo Blumax 19 (2018)

From €98 per day

 57 · Super owner

Rent a boat without a license: is it possible?

Have you already chosen the destination of your next trip, already created the itinerary of the unmissable tours and sights, and already chosen to rent a boat with Click&Boat?

Great! You're on the right track!

Whether you want to visit the Brazilian Green Coast, the Portuguese Algarve or even tour the Greek islands, renting a boat is always an exciting and unique option!

Now, if your question is: can I charter a boat without having a nautical qualification/seaman's licence? Is it necessary to hire the services of a professional skipper?

Fortunately, Click&Boat offers you solutions whatever your situation! Regardless of whether you are an experienced or amateur sailor, all you need to keep in mind is your desire to experience the most beautiful places in the world on board your own boat, and we take care of the rest!

Whether you need to have a sailing license or not depends on your chosen sailing destination, the type of boat, and the options offered by our owners. When, for one of these factors, it is not possible to rent a boat without the required license, Click&Boat offers you the opportunity to have a professional skipper on board!

Thus, you can enjoy your dream destination in complete safety and tranquility, by letting an experienced (and local!) sailor steer the boat.

Check out some of our most popular destinations here:

Rent a boat without a license in Croatia

Rent a boat without a license in Zadar

Rent a boat without a license in Split

Rent a boat without a license in Spain

Rent a boat without a license in France

Rent a boat without a license in Mykonos

Are you ready to come aboard?

Yacht Charter without a license?

If you already have experience with boating and feel comfortable, renting a boat without a license is possible, yes! It all depends, in fact, on your chosen sailing destination and the owner of the boat you intend to rent. In many places in the world, the rental of motorboats and semi-rigid boats without a license is allowed, up to a certain size, or even the rental of sailing boats.

For example, in Spain, it is possible to sail without a licence and discover the beautiful coves of Ibiza at a maximum distance of 2 miles from the coast, if the boat has a power of less than 15hp and is up to 5 metres long. In the case of a sailing boat, the length of the vessel extends to 6 metres.

In France, you can hire sailing boats and enjoy the French Riviera without a licence, but motor boats can only be hired if their length is less than 5 metres and their power is less than 6hp.

In Italy, on the other hand, it is not possible to rent a sailboat without a permit, but it is possible to rent a motor boat, provided its power is less than 40hp. So you could be the skipper on your sail around Sicily, for example!

Each country has different legislation regarding maritime navigation and several factors can make up these regulations: miles from the coast, length and power of the boat, number of passengers, navigation schedule, etc.

In Brazil and Portugal, it is not possible to drive a boat without the proper qualification. If you already have a licence from another country, or an international licence, it is worth checking that it is valid in your country of destination, very simple.

If not, don't worry, you don't need to be left behind! Click&Boat always offers you the opportunity to rent a boat with a captain, an experienced sailor who will guide you through the most beautiful bays and coves of the world, and all you will need to do on board is relax!

I chose to charter the boat without a license, now what?

If it is possible and you feel safe to rent a boat without having a nautical license/seaman's licence, don't forget to pay attention to the safety regulations needed to make your tour safe!

For example:

Do not consume alcohol or substances of similar effects if you will be driving the boat.

Make sure everyone on board is wearing the proper safety equipment, such as life jackets, and any others required by local law.

Again, keeping an eye on the regulations of the boating country, make sure you maintain the permitted distance from shore, both for your own safety and that of the bathers.

Be aware of the weather conditions for the entire duration of the tour.

Respect the boat's limits, both in terms of minimum fuel and maximum passengers.

Protect yourself against the sun!

But if you prefer to leave all these worries to a professional sailor, just rent your boat at Click&Boat with skipper!

How to rent a skippered boat?

If you do not have a nautical qualification/seaman's licence, or if you simply want to sail without worries, nothing could be better than having a professional skipper on board!

For that, just choose your destination in our search tool, and select the filter "With skipper", and voila! The whole fleet of boats available with skipper in your dream destination will appear in the blink of an eye!

In case you already have a boat in mind for your tour, just check in the description if the owner also offers skippered charter, and go for booking!

Why rent a skippered boat?

If you have the experience or the necessary documentation to rent a boat without a license, just climb on board and go!

But for those who don't have this possibility, renting a boat with a captain is a great idea! After all, driving a boat is not so different from driving a car on the road, care is needed so that the tour takes place in a safe way.

For this, there is nothing better than to count on the experience of a professional sailor, who is not only used to driving the chosen type of boat, but who also knows well the climatic and maritime conditions of the destination in question.

Moreover, this professional sailor should also know the best and most hidden sights of the region, which will help you to make your tour even more personalised and special!

Now just relax, feel the sun on your skin and enjoy the boat trip!

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