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Boat hire in Madeira with Click&Boat

Have the holiday of a lifetime when you explore the Atlantic treasure of Madeira, Portugal. This island archipelago is one of two autonomous regions in the country and home to the cleanest city in Europe, Funchal which offers stunning views and tasty custard tarts. With a boat hire in Madeira, you can explore the whole island by boat since it is only 57km long and 22km wide. Experience the rich Portuguese culture, delicious cuisine, and exotic flora and fauna that make Madeira a national gem and the pride of Portugal. What are you waiting for? A boat trip in Madeira awaits!

What is the cost of a private boat hire in Madeira?

The cost of a private yacht charter in Madeira is different depending on what type of vessel you’re looking to hire and for how long. Other factors that affect the price are how many people are on board, the time of year you’re travelling, and if you hire a boat which includes a skipper. Below are some average prices of a boat hire in Madeira by vessel type.


A sailboat hire in Madeira for 8 people costs about £3,088/week in high season and £2,401/week in low season.


A motorboat rental in Madeira costs around £6,000/day for up to 18 guests.


A catamaran hire in Madeira costs about £12,007/week for up to 18 passengers.


A yacht charter in Madeira costs about £42,025/week for up to 18 people on board.

What can you see and do on a yacht charter in Madeira?

Madeira offers a diverse landscape with peaks of up to 1,862 metres high and striking coastlines due to its volcanic origins. Start your Madeira boat hire in the capital Funchal, which is one of the best places in Europe to see whales and dolphins! For sunbathing, take a trip to Porto Santo, a charming island with a seemingly endless beach ideal for relaxing and swimming. For adventure seekers, visit the uninhabited Desertas Islands where you can discover more of the underwater world with a snorkel and some fins.

What is the best time to rent a boat in Madeira?

Madeira has a Mediterranean climate which means that it has hot summers and mild winters. The north of the island is characterised by frequent rainfall and lush vegetation, while the south is much drier and sunnier. The best time for a boat trip in Madeira is from April to October with the highest average temperatures at 32°C in August and little precipitation. Happy sailing!

Yacht charter in Madeira with a skipper!

For the best boat trip in Madeira, hire a boat with a skipper. Skippers help to ensure that you have the most relaxing holiday on the water. Skippers are experts in everything, not only sailing. The best part is that most skippers are Madeira locals and they can advise you about all of the best places to visit during your holiday. A boat hire in Madeira is always made better with a skipper on board!

What type of boat is best for my Madeira boat trip?

Want to take a boat trip to Madeira but don’t know which vessel to hire? Click&Boat is here to help! For day trips, we recommend renting a motorboat because they are typically hired by the day and they can cover long distances in no time. A sailboat rental is good for avid sailors and people who want an authentic sailing experience in Madeira. However, they aren’t ideal for people who get seasick as they move quite a lot. For larger groups of people or a family holiday, consider a yacht charter in Madeira or a catamaran, as they are more spacious and comfortable. Click&Boat has so many options to make your Madeira boat trip a success, which one will you choose?

The lowest price to hire Boat in Madeira

The lowest price to hire Boat in Madeira is approximately £13.00 per day. For a better price, hire smaller boats and in low season.

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