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Gulet Rental in Antalya with Click&Boat

A gulet is a large wooden sailboat that traditionally has 2 or 3 masts and varies in size from 14m to 35m. Gulet rentals are often perfect for tourists in large groups due to a large amount of space and amenities on board. Gulets are normally equipped with full kitchens, indoor and outdoor dining and/or lounging areas as well as bedrooms although amenities will vary from boat to boat. 

Due to their large size and the skill that it requires to drive a gulet, they are often chartered with a captain. A gulet charter in Antalya with a captain is perfect as a captain is also usually an expert of the local area who can take you to all of the best spots for snorkeling, the most secluded beaches, and give you great recommendations for restaurants and other activities in the local area of Antalya.

Why you should chart a gulet in Antalya

Why should you choose a gulet in Antalya? If you want to get a true traditional sailing experience then a gulet charter will fill you with sailing memories that will stay with you forever. Gulets are perfect for large groups of people on a budget and, as it is common to charter a gulet with a captain and crew, you and your friends can lay back and enjoy the sun from the comfort of your gulet rental in Antalya. Chartering a gulet is a very different experience to renting a motorboat or yacht and is sure to put a smile on your face. 

Antalya is one of the most perfect sailing destinations as it lies in an area that is filled with incredible seas, and beautiful beaches and has very warm weather for much of the year. Antalya is also an extremely popular tourist destination. During the high season, in July and August, you will find busy streets, shops, restaurants, and beaches. Perhaps you enjoy this livelier atmosphere but if you are after something a little quieter then consider renting a gulet in Antalya in the mid-season, either side of the high season. 

Chartering a gulet in Antalya in the mid or high season, you will find quieter streets and beaches, and lower prices but of course the weather will not be as warm as in those hot Turkish summer months. With Click&Boat you can get a free personal advisor who will help you find the perfect gulet charter in Antalya for you and your family or friends, at the best price and that meets all of your requirements. With the Click&Boat platform, you can message our gulet owners directly to speak about what the possibilities are during your gulet charter in Antalya. Want to do a particular activity or sail to a specific location? Just message the gulet owner on the platform and organize your trip exactly how you want it.

Cost to Rent a Gulet in Antalya

The price of a gulet rental in Antalya will depend on a number of things such as the time of year, how many people are on board, and the size and model of gulet that you choose. Of course, the price will be higher depending on additional amenities and services like having a skipper or crew on board. The average price of a gulet rental in Antalya is $12,817/week in the high season and $8,225/week in the low season for 16 people.

Regarding all boat charters in Antalya: - Minimum price: from $1,500 per day - Maximum price: from $17,455 per day

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