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Boat Rental in Riverside County with Click&Boat

Riverside County, CA has some great places to go boating, as well as plenty of things for visitors to see, do, and enjoy. The county features the cities of Riverside, Temecula, Hemet, and Palm Springs. There is a lot of desert, but you also have mountains and some great lakes for boating. You can find something for everyone. Let Click&Boat help you with your boat rentals.

Where to Sail in Riverside County

As mentioned, boat rentals in Riverside County are great for getting out onto some lakes, so you can enjoy the great outdoors. Some of the lakes in the area that are good for boating or just for walking the trails include Lake Elsinore, Lake Mathews, Lake Perris, Mystic Lake, Diamond Valley Lake, and Lake Skinner.

How Much Is It to Rent a Boat in Riverside County?

When you are looking at Riverside County boat rentals, you want to get an idea of how much the rentals can cost. It’s important to note that the rentals will vary in price based on the type of boat, the length of the boat, whether you need a captain or crew, when you rent, and how long you want to rent the boat. Below are some common prices for different types of boats. However, you will find that the prices can vary quite a bit.

  • $4,150 a day for a 40’ yacht.
  • $16,840 per day for an 87’ yacht, and more for even larger yachts.
  • $460 and up for a fishing boat for the day.

There are many types of boats available in the area, and therefore many different price points for the Riverside County boat rentals.

Boat Rentals Near Me: The Harbors in Riverside County

Riverside County has a wealth of marinas from which you can choose. The one that you opt to visit will often be based on the type of boating activity you are planning. Do you want to fish in an inshore lake? Below are some of the marinas and harbors in the county:

  • Perris Marina
  • Marina West
  • Skinner Marina
  • Vail Marina
  • North Shore Marina

Riverside is a landlocked county. You can head to Newport Beach to the west of the county to find marinas that offer access to the Pacific Ocean.

What Is There to See in Riverside County?

In addition to boat rentals in Riverside County, you can find quite a few other things to do in the area. Let’s get a look at a few of the activities and sights you might enjoy:

  • California Citrus State Historic Park
  • Head 60 miles west to visit Los Angeles
  • Mission Inn Museum
  • University of California Riverside Botanic Gardens
  • Riverside Metropolitan Museum
  • California Museum of Photography

What Boats Should I Rent in Riverside County?

Have you said, “I want to rent a boat near me,” but you haven’t figured out what’s right for you? Your Riverside county rentals will depend on how many people will be going on the boat, whether you are piloting it yourself, and what you want to do. Are you going to go fishing or do you just want to float and enjoy the water? Figure out what you are doing and then choose your rental.

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