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Luna Sea - Islander 36 (1980)

San Francisco
Without captain
 7 · Private · Super owner

From $701 per day

Sail San Francisco Bay on a Wyliecat charter! (2000)

San Francisco
With captain

From $2,599 per day

Travel in Luxury on Regal Yacht (2003)

San Francisco
With captain

From $1,913 per day

Bayliner Bristol in the Beautiful SF Bay (1979)

San Francisco
With captain

From $1,560 per day

Protector RIB Center Console (2007)

San Francisco
With captain

From $728 per day

Experience the Bay in a Whole New Way (2000)

San Francisco
With captain

From $5,941 per day

35' Fountaine Pajot Tobago (1998)

San Francisco
Without captain

From $1,541 per day

Motorboat Northwind Extreme Custom (2011)

San Francisco

From $150 per day

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Amazing Sailing cruise in Sausalito (1979)

With captain

From $3,223 per day

Amazing Sailing Cruise on San Francisco Bay (2000)

With captain

From $972 per day

Motorboat Grand Banks 42 420hp (2019)

With captain

From $1,564 per day

Sailing Cruise in beautiful San Francisco (2013)

With captain

From $1,124 per day

Catamaran Lagoon 38' (2018)

With captain

From $1,075 per day

A beautiful sailboat with a captain! (1987)

With captain
 4 · Super owner

From $774 per day

Hartog Schooner (2000)

With captain

From $1,671 per day

24 ft. AVALON Pontoon for up to 11 passengers!! (2022)

With captain

From $1,601 per day

Sailboat Clapham Sailing Yacht 11.5m

Santa Cruz

From $349 per day

Boat Rental in San Francisco with Click&Boat 

Northern California and San Francisco is a totally different vibe than Southern California. Life is a little more grounded, outdoorsy, and quiet. But San Francisco is one of the most unique cities in the United States. And we don’t say that lightly! The city is built on the foundation of immigrants. And you’ll notice that in the food and culture throughout the city. San Francisco is defined by the Golden Gate Bridge, the entry and exit point for boat traffic from the Pacific Ocean. Because of the favorable winds in San Francisco Bay, sailing is a popular activity.

If you’re excited to get on the water, check out boat rentals in San Francisco with Click&Boat! We have vessels ranging in size and purpose for cruising around Sausalito, Oakland, Alameda County, and the Pacific Ocean. 

How much does it cost to rent a boat in San Francisco?

It depends on what you’re looking for! Boat rental in San Francisco is popular as it’s a desirable destination for sailing. The price of a boat rental in San Francisco, or a party boat rental in San Francisco varies depending on the size of the boat, the number of guests, time of year, and the model of the vessel. Plus, with Click&Boat, you can add extras to your boat charters such as a captain/crew, fishing equipment, or water toys.

  • Sailboat rentals in San Francisco start at $500/day and can cost up to $6,500/day for up to 8 guests.
  • A catamaran rental in San Francisco averages about $1,000/day.
  • Party boat or motorboat rental in San Francisco averages about $1,500/day.

Discover California’s best spots on a boat

Avid boaters can rent a boat in San Francisco to sail along the Petaluma River and its tributaries. The river is home to a unique wildlife habitat that you can explore on a boat. And let’s not forget about a sport that is quite popular in California – fishing! Fishing lovers may opt for a boat rental in San Francisco to catch delicious salmon or sturgeon.

Those who love an adventure may rent a boat in San Francisco to visit the famous island of Alcatraz, which until a few decades ago hosted the namesake prison. Today, the island is a major tourist attraction, enabling you to travel back in time and visit one of the world’s most notorious penitentiary institutions, featured in several Hollywood films. Just think of that – Alcatraz once hosted the infamous gangster Al Capone. Needless to say that only a bunch of inmates allegedly managed to escape from Alcatraz!

When is the best time to rent a boat in San Francisco? 

San Francisco boat rentals are a great way to welcome the spring and summer seasons in this beautiful city. The weather in San Francisco is warm during the months of June to October with temperatures ranging between 66°F and 78°F. The winter months are cooler with temperatures from 57°F and 46°F.

However, the best months to sail are in the fall and winter when it does not rain! Since summer can be foggy, it is not always the best time to set sail- but you can contact boat owners to discuss this. What ever your plans are, San Francisco sailing charters are waiting for you!

Renting a boat with Click&Boat

With Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, select from a large offer of boat rentals in San Francisco. From motorboats to proper sailing boats, you’ll find a boat that fits your budget and suits your needs!

Once you have found the boat of your dreams, send a message using our internal messaging system to the boat owner in order to clarify any questions you may have. Then all you have to do is book. It is as easy as that. And after your rental, be sure to leave a review about your experience and the boat.

If you prefer, you can also request a quote for free and our team of expert sailing advisors can help you plan your boating day out on the San Francisco Bay. 

Where to set sail from San Francisco

Boating and sailing in San Francisco Bay is an incredible experience. That’s why there are so many boat tours and ferries that operate throughout the year! When you’re on the water, you’ll get uninterrupted views of Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Treasure Island, and the San Francisco skyline (pending the infamous fog). Contrary to popular belief, summer is not an ideal time for boating or sailing in San Francisco. In fact, it’s somewhat dangerous because of the fog! Consider planning your trip during fall or winter when there’s no rain or fog in the forecast.

During your yacht rental in San Francisco, you have options for cruising around the protected waters of San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay (highly recommended) or entering the wild Pacific Ocean. Here are the best boating destinations from San Francisco:

  • Find anchorage at Paradise Cove, a hidden gem and secluded oasis located along the Tiburon Peninsula. It’s a great place for fishing!
  • Navigate past Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf! Keep your eyes peeled for sea lions!
  • Cruise around Alcatraz, but don’t stop on the (haunted) island!
  • Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge for an incredible photo-op.
  • Boat around the calm waters of San Pablo Bay, there’s a lot of beautiful wildlife and scenery if you stick close to China Camp State Park or Hamilton Wetlands.
  • Venturing out into the Pacific Ocean is an adventure, probably best for experienced sailors or captained charters as the water is usually rough and wild in this part of California.

Harbors in San Francisco

San Francisco has plenty of harbors for starting or ending your boat rental. San Francisco Marina Yacht Harbor is a small and old marina where you might start a sailboat rental. The Marina at Pier 39 is a modern harbor where a lot of boat tours, fishing charters, or ferry rides depart. It’s also within walking distance from Fisherman’s Wharf.​​ On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, there is Sausalito Yacht Harbor or Clipper Yacht Harbor in Downtown Sausalito, which hosts hundreds of dock slips.

Things to do and see in San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of those cities where you want to see and do everything, but it’s just not possible with one trip. And that’s okay! Every time you come back, you can have a different experience! The weather in San Francisco is warm from the months of June to October with temperatures ranging between 66°F and 78°F. The winter months are cooler with temperatures from 57°F and 46°F. And of course, the fog creeps in whenever it feels like it, but mostly throughout the summer. Here are the top things to do in San Francisco:

  • Check out the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf! It will be crowded, but the sea lions are fun to watch! Plus, there are a lot of different shops and restaurants to explore.
  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge… or at least get to the Vista Point (the entire bridge is about 1.7 miles long).
  • Bike ride through the Presidio for beautiful gardens and architecture.
  • Stop by a food truck rally for dinner to taste samples of local restaurants.
  • Get tickets to a Giants baseball game at Oracle Park. The stadium seats face the water with an incredible view of the bay.
  • Eat all of the chocolate at Ghiradelli Marketplace!
  • Shop for specialty food and cooking products at the Ferry Building.
  • Drive through Golden Gate Park with the possibility of seeing bison!
  • Plan a day trip to Sausalito! The small town is known for its houseboat community, farm-to-table restaurants, and art galleries. You can get there by boat!
  • Take the family to San Francisco Zoo to see all the animals!
  • Rent a boat with a captain in San Francisco so that you can experience the city from a different point of view.

Rent a boat with a captain in San Francisco

Click&Boat offers plenty of boat rental options with a captain in San Francisco, California!

San Francisco Bay is busy and experiences hazardous fog, currents, and rough waters. The Pacific Ocean is also tricky to navigate if you’re unfamiliar with the tides or weather. When you rent a boat with a captain, you can enjoy your boating adventure without worrying about navigation, anchorage, docking, or boating laws in California. A captain and/or crew may come as an additional cost to your rental, depending on the size of the boat, the number of crew, and other possible requests. But it’s worth it for peace of mind!

How much does it cost to charter Boat in San Francisco?

Chartering Boat in San Francisco can cost from $459.00 per day for small boats and up to $2,500.00 for larger boats.

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3 de jul de 2021
San Francisco is likely the best place in the known universe for sailing! OK maybe that is a bit of an overstatement but it is amazing.
13 de mar de 2021
Nice weather with great views for sightseeing and many islands to tour like Angel Island, Treasure Island and Alcatraz!
13 de oct de 2019
This charter got to see the Blue Angles on a perfect day. Calm seas and light winds. Can't get much better than that. We dropped them off and picked them up near their hotel in San Francisco with no problems. We hope to have them all back aboard very soon.