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Sailboat Beneteau Gauguin 12.8m

With or without a captain

From $572 per day

Sailboat Beneteau Sense 50 15.24m

With or without a captain

From $1,344 per day

Catamaran Custom Wa'a kaulua (2017)

With or without a captain

From $1,069 per day

Motor yacht Stephens Brothers Commuter Yacht (1929)

With or without a captain

From $2,380 per day

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Catamaran Roberts & Caine 46 Catamaran 14.1m

With or without a captain

From $1,748 per day

RIB Custom Rib

With or without a captain

From $1,263 per day

Boat Rental in Honolulu with Click&Boat

As the capital of Hawaii, there is more than enough fun to go around in Honolulu. Rent a boat with Click&Boat to make the best of your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Get connected with a boat owner in Hawaii today, and spend a great day on the yacht charter of your dreams! You don’t have a boating license?

Boat rentals in Hawaii can come with or without a captain depending on if you have a boating license. Expect a great time and an unforgettable experience on the water when renting a boat in Honolulu. Enjoy private yachting with your choice of motor yachts or sailing yachts. Search Click&Boat boat rentals in Hawaii today.

What can you do in Honolulu?

Honolulu is full of culture, history, and fun that can be discovered on a great day on the island.

West of Honolulu is Pearl Harbor, a historical naval base located in Hawaii. The United States had been using Pearl Harbor as a base for its Pacific Fleet since the early 1900s. Discover the events of December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, sinking or damaging nearly 20 American ships and destroying over 300 aircraft. Visit the Pearl Harbor National Memorial or the Aviation museum to understand the day of a major United States event.

A visit to downtown Honolulu will fill your travel itinerary fast! You’re sure to have a great day visiting the Hawaii State Capitol or Iolani Palace, where the first and last of Hawaiian monarchs resided. Take a ride on the Honolulu trolley over to the Honolulu Museum of art to see thousands of art pieces in a beautiful Hawaiian building. Just East of downtown Honolulu is the Punchbowl crater where you can get a scenic view the Hawaiian vegetation and city life.

Feel like doing some shopping? Just South of downtown is the residential district of Ala Moana which is the perfect spot to go shopping whether it’s a beach day outfit or souvenirs for the family. Forget a towel or want to get your own water toys for your boat rental? Ala Moana is also where you can find your closest Target, Walmart, and other large chain stores. Take a break from your charter experience and stop by the Ala Moana beach for some more downtime on the shore.

Where to sail in Honolulu?

Sailing in Honolulu is a must when you have blue waters and perfect sailing winds year-round. Whether it's a romantic sunset sail or family fun in the sun, sailing spots in Honolulu are full and plenty. Cick&Boat sailing yacht rentals with a captain will ensure you set sail in the best parts of the Honolulu waters. You can also get your own yacht charter without a captain for a day of nautical exploration.

Best Place to Sail in Honolulu

The best place to sail in Honolulu is from Ala Moana Beach Park to Diamond Head. This route takes you past some of Honolulu's most popular attractions, including Waikiki Beach, the Honolulu Zoo, and the Diamond Head State Monument. We would highly recommend this route if you want to do a tour of Honolulu from the water. There are boat rentals in Honolulu that range from 6 capacity to 30! So, grab a few friends or bring everyone you know, because there is plenty of room on board.

Best Time to Sail in Honolulu

The best time for sailing in Honolulu is from mid-April to early June, and from mid-September to early November. These months have the best weather conditions for sailing, with warm temperatures and gentle trade winds. Make your sailboat charter experience easy and rent with Click&Boat to find the right rental for you.

Take your luxury yacht charter out to sea by the other Hawaiian islands to discover more Hawaiian gems. Sail towards Kohala Coast to one of the islands of Hawaii’s largest white sand beaches. You can marvel at the jet-black and rust-red lava rock fields, a result of eruptions from the island's volcanos centuries ago.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Honolulu?

Renting a boat with Click&Boat allows you to explore your options in Honolulu to find the right boat and captain availability! This wll also vary the costs to rent a boat in Honolulu. Boat rentals in Honolulu have average daily costs of around $1100, specifically for yacht charters. However, a sailing charter that fits 6 people with Click&Boat starts at around $600 before fueling and other fees. Browse boat rentals in Honolulu and get a quotation from the Click&Boat team to get more specific pricing for a yacht charter in Hawaii.

Renting a boat with a Captain in Honolulu

Spend the day laying back and relaxing with a captain onboard and get a peak into sailing like a native! Sailing with a captain may make your boat rental daily price slightly higher, but the experience of sailing without any worries or navigational responsibility lifts the weight off your shoulders so you can fully experience the healing and relaxing properties of the sea.

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