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Your Boat Rental In Pittsburgh

Enjoy a Pittsburgh Boat Rental

Pittsburgh may not be one of the most orthodox areas for boat rentals; however, this doesn’t make it any less suitable for exploring. It’s true that Pittsburgh is a land-locked city, but it didn’t get the nickname the Three Rivers City because of a lack of marine activities available. Actually, choosing a boat rental service in Pittsburgh, PA, is one of the best ways to explore the city. Multiple waterfront activities await you during your trip to Pittsburgh, with endless amounts of river recreation for you and your party. There is also a plethora of activities to enjoy during your time away from your Pittsburgh boat rental.

Boat Rentals Near Me: How Much Are Boat Rentals In Pittsburgh, PA?

Depending on your primary means of exploring the rivers of Pittsburgh, there are normally different options for boat rentals. It’s important to note that the time of year and availability will affect your options for boat rental service in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Private boat rentals in Pittsburgh start at about $930 per day for a yacht. Depending on the size, you can comfortably accommodate at least 4 to 6 guests.
  • During certain times, there may also be various motorboats available for rent in Pittsburgh as well.

Boat Rentals In Pittsburgh, PA: The Best River Destinations

When you’re on vacation in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of riverfront attractions for you and your group to experience. There are destinations that members of all ages can enjoy, and the following section outlines your best options.

  • Pittsburgh Pedal Boats provide some of the best adult entertainment in the city. Enjoy a booze cruise and sample some of the best microbrews in all of Pittsburgh.
  • Add a kayak to your boat and enjoy paddling the downtown Pittsburgh waterfront.
  • The Three Rivers Regatta is a watersports festival that allows you to anchor your boat and watch extreme watersports from the deck of your boat rental.
  • The Gateway Clipper is an old-fashioned river cruise ship that provides tours of the downtown waterfront, complete with lunch and dinner.
  • The Loop is 15 miles of riverfront park and attractions that allow you to navigate the waters of Pittsburgh on your rental boat.
  • Ohiopyle State Park is about an hour south of Pittsburgh but provides a great opportunity for whitewater rafting.

Anchor Your Pittsburgh Boat Rental and Enjoy Other Downtown Attractions

After a long day on the water, anchor your Pittsburgh boat rental and sample other activities that downtown has to offer. The following section outlines must-see attractions throughout the downtown Pittsburgh area.

  • Pittsburgh is home to dozens of waterparks. Suit the kids up and let them enjoy Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge, H2Ooohhhh!, Pirates Cove, Splash Lagoons, and many more waterpark options.
  • Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens provide beautiful, natural attractions in Pittsburgh.
  • The Andy Warhol Museum is home to some of Andy Warhol’s best work and the art he inspired.
  • Carnegie Museum of Art provides multimedia exhibits of contemporary art.
  • The Strip District is a great area to explore downtown with many unique shops and restaurants.
  • Pittsburgh is home to several microbreweries with excellent beer selections.
  • If you find yourself in Pittsburgh during the NFL season, enjoy a Pittsburgh Steelers game.
  • The Carnegie Science Center is a great place to take the kids for an educational experience.

Private Boat Rentals In Pittsburgh: Add a Captain and Crew

Even though your journey won’t take you into the ocean and will be limited to the rivers of Pittsburgh, this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the perks of having a skipper and a crew. There’s no limit to the types of waters a skipper can navigate, and the Pittsburgh riverfront is no exception.

You’ll enjoy the inside scoop on some of the best-kept secrets in Pittsburgh. Additionally, the crew will handle all of the heavy lifting, including anchoring and keeping the boat neat while you and your crew enjoy time on and off the water.

Make the most of your time with your guests by adding a captain and crew to your next rent a boat trip in Pittsburgh. However, these services do come with additional expenses, and the final price depends on the specific boat, size of crew, and other services you might add.

Pittsburgh Boat Rental FAQs

What type of Pittsburgh boat rental should I choose?

Currently, there are limited options for the types of boats available for rent in Pittsburgh. However, a yacht might be one of the best ways to go, considering the types of waters you’ll be navigating. There are also various motorboats available depending on your rental time, and smaller parties could benefit from these specific watercraft.

What are the major harbors in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh doesn’t have harbors, considering the city’s marine geography consists of all rivers. However, there are several port and docking locations throughout the city’s riverfront area. You’ll find multiple boat launches and slips throughout the waters of downtown with all of the amenities you need.

Can I rent a sailboat in Pittsburgh?

Certain cities are more efficient for certain types of boating than others. Pittsburgh’s marine options don’t typically consist of sailboats, as they don’t do as well on a river setting because of the lack of open space for wind. However, there are other motorboat options and yachts that are perfect for boating in Pittsburgh.

Do I need a boating license for a boat rental service in Pittsburgh, PA?

Yes, you will need a boating license to rent a boat in Pittsburgh. However, upgrading to a package that contains a captain and crew will exclude you from this rule. This is the only exception to this rule. Upon picking up your boat rental in Pittsburgh, you will be asked for a copy of your boating license, so please don’t forget to have it on hand. The person securing the rental and providing their boating license will be solely responsible for manning and returning the rental at the appropriate times.

What are the best prices for Boat rentals in Pittsburgh?

The average prices for Boat rentals in Pittsburgh is $2,291.00 per day. However, you can find Boat for better prices in the area starting from $829.00 per day.

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