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Boat Rental in Wisconsin with Click&Boat

Those who love the great outdoors love Wisconsin. This state, which shares a border with Canada, offers lakes and rivers that are popular with boaters of all types. The state has a lot to offer on land, as well. The southern part of the state is close to Chicago, and it’s possible to take a boat onto Lake Michigan and to see the city’s skyline, though it would likely require you to rent a boat in Wisconsin for multiple days. Find the perfect Wisconsin boat rental today with Click&Boat.

Where to Sail in Wisconsin

Many of the boaters choose to spend their time either on the Mississippi River or on Lake Michigan, although there are many other lakes and rivers to experience, as well. There are plenty of places to enjoy some time out on the water whether you are just relaxing or fishing.

How Much Is It to Rent a Boat in Wisconsin?

Prices in Wisconsin for boat rentals will vary by location, type of boat, number of people the boat can carry, and the length of the rental. Below are some of the common prices for various types of boats:

  • $400 to $1,150 for a 22’ motorboat for the day.
  • $1,260 for a houseboat for a day.
  • $520 for a pontoon boat for the day.
  • $975 for a diving charter boat for the day.

Keep in mind that the prices will vary based on a range of factors including whether or not you need to hire a captain when you are sailing in Wisconsin.

Boat Rentals Near Me: The Harbors in Wisconsin

One of the great things about Wisconsin is that there are countless marinas and harbors available throughout the state. Getting a Wisconsin boat rental at just about any lake should be easy. Below are just some of the popular marinas across the state where boats can be put into the water and in some cases, rented:

  • Delavan Lake Marina
  • Carefree Boat Club of Lake Geneva
  • Southport Marina
  • Reefpoint Marina
  • South Milwaukee Yacht Club
  • Simmons Island Marina
  • Pugh Marina
  • Harbor Centre Marina

What Is There to See in Wisconsin?

The state has a lot to enjoy, and it should be no surprise that a lot of it is outdoors. In addition to choosing boat rentals in Wisconsin, consider some of the following activities and sights to see:

  • Interstate State Park
  • Cave of the Mounds
  • National Railroad Museum
  • The Apostle Islands
  • Wisconsin Maritime Museum
  • Pabst Mansion
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Wisconsin Dells
  • Green Bay Botanical Garden

This is just a handful of everything the state offers.

What Boats Should I Rent in Wisconsin?

What do you want to do on the water? Are you looking to get together with some friends and family for an outing? Opting for a houseboat or a pontoon boat might be a good idea. If you are looking to go sailing in Wisconsin, you will want to choose a sailboat. Those who have never sailed before will want to hire a crew and captain. Of course, there are also options around the state for fishing charters. There is no end to the options available.

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