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Yacht Charter in San Francisco with Click&Boat 

A popular tourist destination, known for its cool vibes, stunning architecture, and diverse layout. San Francisco yacht charters are a perfect way to enjoy “everyone’s favorite city.” Measuring 49 square miles, this walkable city full of amazing landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the largest Chinatown in the United States. But, getting out on the water is the ultimate way to admire the city...

Views of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay are unmatched, especially from the deck of your own boat. Boat rentals in San Francisco are the best option, especially when you have the Pacific Ocean at your feet- there are endless opportunities!

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in San Francisco?

The price of a yacht charter in San Francisco varies depending on the boat type, characteristics, capacity and more. It is important to pick the boat rental in San Francisco that best suits your needs so you can relax while enjoying the views of the California coast. Things like fuel expenses and services of a captain and/or crew may come as an additional cost, so be sure to message the boat owner to clarify any questions you may have. 

  • Sailboat charters are quite popular in San Francisco! Prices start at €145/hour for 6 guest on board, and may range between €560/day and €1,760/day, depending on the size, capacity, etc... on the vessel. 
  • The price of a catamaran charter in San Francisco starts at €640/half day, or €970/day, with the ability to accommodate up to 12 guests.
  • For a motorboat rental, budget about €1,240/day to €1,740/day.

Since you are interested in chartering a yacht in San Francisco, you can also check out our offers in these nearby destinations:

Discover California’s best spots on a boat

Avid boaters can hire a boat in San Francisco to sail along the Petaluma River and its tributaries. The river is home to a unique wildlife habitat that you can explore on a boat. And let’s not forget about a sport that is quite popular in California – fishing! Fishing lovers may opt for a boat charter in San Francisco to catch delicious salmon or sturgeon.

Those who love an adventure may charter a yacht in San Francisco to visit the famous island of Alcatraz, which until a few decades ago hosted the namesake prison. Today, the island is a major tourist attraction, enabling you to travel back in time and visit one of the world’s most notorious penitentiary institutions, featured in several Hollywood films. Just think of that – Alcatraz once hosted the infamous gangster Al Capone. Needless to say that only a bunch of inmates allegedly managed to escape from Alcatraz!

Where to set sail in San Francisco

Whether you are looking for a party boat rental in San Francisco or just want to rent a boat near you to enjoy the ocean, SF has great beaches to set sail to!

Baker beach, near the Golden Gate Bridge, is a beautiful beach to start your San Francisco yacht charter. This is a popular spot and although it is not advised for swimming it the views of the landmarks are amazing.

China Beach is another beach with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Just imagine your photos from your San Francisco boat experience! They will be one of a kind. The rock walls on both sides create a small protected area that was once a camp for Chinese fishermen.

Then head to the southernmost beach on the Pacific Coast, Fort Funston Beach. It is very windy so if the forecasts say it will be windy we recommend to skip this beach.

Mile Rock Beach is a small cove below the Lands End Viewpoint. This small and rocky beach has plenty of beaches nearby to explore. Charter a yacht in San Francisco and move easy through these different beaches.

Boat charters in San Francisco Bay are a must for our ocean lovers. Why not enjoy a luxury yacht rental in San Francisco along with the country’s finest wine? Napa Valley and Sanoma have dramatic beaches and amazing wine to enjoy!

When is the best time to charter a yacht in San Francisco? 

San Francisco yacht charters are a great way to welcome the spring and summer seasons in this beautiful city. The weather in San Francisco is warm during the months of June to October with temperatures ranging between 66°F and 78°F. The winter months are cooler with temperatures from 57°F and 46°F.

However, the best months to sail are in the fall and winter when it does not rain! Since summer can be foggy, it is not always the best time to set sail- but you can contact boat owners to discuss this. What ever your plans are, San Francisco sailing charters are waiting for you!

Can I charter a yacht in San Francisco with a skipper?

Yes! You can charter a boat in San Francisco with or without a skipper. A San Francisco boat rental with a skipper is a great idea if you don't want to worry about the technicalities of sailing on the Pacific Ocean.

Looking to have complete freedom and be more spontaneous depending on what you see on the way? A San Francisco boat rental without a skipper(or bareboat charter) might be perfect for you if you have the proper sailing qualifications! You can be in charge of where your yacht charters SF goes and when to put your anchor down.

Chartering a yacht with Click&Boat

With Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, select from a large offer of yacht charters in San Francisco. From motorboats to proper sailing boats, you’ll find a boat that fits your budget and suits your needs!

Once you have found the boat of your dreams, send a message using our internal messaging system to the boat owner in order to clarify any questions you may have. Then all you have to do is book. It is as easy as that. And after your rental, be sure to leave a review about your experience and the boat.

If you prefer, you can also request a quote for free and our team of expert sailing advisors can help you plan your boating day out on the San Francisco Bay. 

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Jul 3, 2021
San Francisco is likely the best place in the known universe for sailing! OK maybe that is a bit of an overstatement but it is amazing.
Mar 13, 2021
Nice weather with great views for sightseeing and many islands to tour like Angel Island, Treasure Island and Alcatraz!
Oct 13, 2019
This charter got to see the Blue Angles on a perfect day. Calm seas and light winds. Can't get much better than that. We dropped them off and picked them up near their hotel in San Francisco with no problems. We hope to have them all back aboard very soon.