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Where to set sail in New Buffalo…

A New Buffalo boat charter can give you many options to choose from. Make your vacation extra special this summer by adventuring through Lake Michigan!

Lake Michigan stretches for 307 miles and has many towns, cities, islands and nature on its shore to explore with your New Buffalo boat rental! Opening hours are longer in the summer and the lake is warm and calm enough to swim in. A perfect way to relax if you are escaping the hectic city life.

Go to Chicago with your boat hire in New Buffalo, Michigan. Crossing Lake Michigan takes just two hours and a half, with plenty of time to admire its crystal clear freshwater and white sand beaches that line Chicago. Moor for a walk through the bustling streets and admire the Chicago skyline. Some beautiful beaches to head to in Chicago with your New Buffalo rental are: North Avenue beach, Oak Street beach, and Loyola beach. Each has its own benefits with the first two having nearby bars and restaurants to try out and the latter is more tranquil and shallow waters making it a family favorite!

Then sail higher up to Milwaukee’s North Point gardens which were done by the same designer as New York’s Central Park!

Looking for a secluded spot? Head to Mackinac Island during spring or autumn to see the surrounding gardens which are covered with exquisite flowers. Or just head to the far side of Mackinac Island with your boat hire in New Buffalo and drop your anchor when you find your unique paradise.

Boating in New Buffalo, Michigan means you can also adventure to Sleeping Bear Dunes! These immense sand dunes are about 400 feet above Lake Michigan and make up 65 miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Do you enjoy nature? Then this is a must see on your boat hire in New Buffalo. A wonderful way to go bird watching and wildlife viewing. You may see swimming otters, beavers, freshwater clams and fish swimming in the water.

Looking to stay close to New Buffalo? The perfect New Buffalo boat hires are waiting for you! Beach hop to these beaches for an amazing time on the lake: Cherry Beach, New Buffalo City Beach, Warren Dunes State Park, and Weko Beach.

When is the best time for a boat charter in New Buffalo?

New Buffalo, Michigan boat rentals are best from May to September when the weather is warmer with temperatures ranging from 68°F to 81°F. The nights are cooler with summer temperatures ranging from 50°F in May to 64°F in July and August. New Buffalo’s warmest month is in July with 81°F and goes down to 19°F in January at night. If you are thinking of a rental in New Buffalo Michigan make sure to bring a warm sweater for the evenings, it may get chilly!

Can I hire a boat in New Buffalo with a skipper?

Yes! With Click&Boat you have the option to hire a boat with or without a captain, depending on if you have the required boat licenses/qualifications.

For those of you who have a boat license, bareboat rentals are available. However, if you prefer to sit back and relax then choose to rent with a skipper. Our captains are local experts who know the area best! Let them show you all the top anchorages, secluded beaches and coves, as well as give you recommendations on the best restaurants and bars- if you are interested in docking’n’dining.

Hiring a private boat with Click&Boat

With Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, select from a large offer of boat rentals in New Buffalo. From sailboats to motorboats, you’ll find a boat that fits your budget and suits your needs!

Once you have found a couple of boats, send a message using our internal messaging system to the boat owner in order to clarify any questions you may have. Then all you have to do is book. It is as easy as that. After your hire, be sure to leave a review about your experience and the boat.

If you prefer, you can also request a quote for free and our team of expert sailing advisors can help you plan your sailing vacation.

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Boat Hire in New Buffalo with Click&Boat

Looking to escape the big city for the weekend and reconnect with nature? Or are you looking for a fun day trip adventure for you and the whole family? Well New Buffalo, Michigan has all your answers. Hire a boat in New Buffalo and discover all that Lake Michigan has to offer, from sand dunes and beaches to water sports and docking'n'dining... the options are endless. 

With Click&Boat, find your dream boat in New Buffalo and set out on your very own adventure! What are you waiting for? 

How much does it cost to hire a boat in New Buffalo, MI?

When it comes to hiring a boat in New Buffalo, there are many factors to consider that may alter the rental cost. For example, the type, size and model of the vessel, as well as if it is high or low tourism season in the area. Optional extras such as the services of a captain and/or crew, and water sport equipment may affect the final price too. Be sure to contact the boat owner to clarify any questions you may have about the rental. 

  • Sailboat charters in New Buffalo start at £110/hour, which may accommodate up to 6 guests on board. Note, many boat owners in the area rent for a minimum of two hours. 

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